We Can Still Make It

It’s a new season, hence a new reason.

Time has passed, things have evolved.

My character has been stretched; my dreams have been crushed.

My tribe didn’t always support me, and my family wasn’t always there for me.

Yet, I stuck through it, and I pushed through it.

I am still standing; I am still hoping.

I am still running my race; I still need grace.

My life will be boring if I quit; I want to be fit.

Mercy is what I need; strength is all I need.

I believe in myself; I aspire to see the new version of myself.

I no longer want to prove; I want to improve.

I want to be a go-getter; help me become better.

Join forces with me; walk with me.

Let’s receive guidance and gain more assurance.

Let’s grow and blow.

Let’s shine and be fine.



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