The precious “Three days!”

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That moment when you are reflecting on your life, and you come to realize that if not for the Lord, you won’t be here today. Yes, I am grateful because I don’t know where I would be if not for Jesus.

Sometimes life circumstances have a way of treating us that we fall back and decide not to trust God anymore.

When the road gets tough, what do we do? who do we turn to? Who do we look up to?

I got to a point in my life sometime back where I didn’t know what to do any longer. Do I turn left or turn right? Where to go, I asked myself?

But then received a word that encouraged me to believe and look up to God. Today, I can truly tell you that my life is in God's hands. I have surrendered because I have learned along the way that I can’t do this on my own, and I don’t have to worry about the future.

By worrying or planning, how many days does it add to our lives?

Well, these three days (Easter) have allowed me to really sink deeper into the knowledge of Christ, especially knowing and believing that He died for me. Jesus died so I could have life and have in abundance.

Yes, I am indeed very grateful, and I will live for HIM and HIM alone.

When I think about those three precious days, all I can say is Thank you.

The three days that made the way;

The three days that cleansed me; and

The three days that purified me.

Had they known? They won’t have crucified Him. On the third day, he rose again. Let's rejoice because the grave is empty.


Thank you for healing;

Thank you for your prosperity;

Thank you for your mercy;

Thank you for your grace;

Thank you for your love;

Thank you for peace; and

Thank you for the provision.

He overcame so we are overcomers, hence the joy of knowing Christ Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour.




Blogger, Translator, Interpreter, MC & lover of life. You can also join me here:

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Tatiana Nouya

Tatiana Nouya

Blogger, Translator, Interpreter, MC & lover of life. You can also join me here:

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