The Power of Emotions

While thinking about the word ‘emotion(s),’ I look at my life and say, “what an interesting life you have lived.”

Those who know me can tell you the number of times I have showcased my emotions, in particular through tears.

Some people get to know me and think that I am emotionless, and I often ask myself the following questions:

– Is it because these people don’t see me cry, dance or vent? Or

– Is it because they don’t really know the person I am?

As time passes, we all evolve as individuals, grow and mature into grown folks.

As a 30 something-year-old lady, I could count the number of times I have expressed deep emotions, such as crying, in public. By public, I mean in the midst of one or more people. My tears rarely come out in public, but rather in private, that is, in the comfort of my home. I might cry in public only when something really hurts me and goes right into my bones.

A friend of mine recently told me that she has never seen me filled with emotions and wonders how I behave when I get hurt by people I truly love. Hahahahah, I told her to watch me and really get to know me closely.

Just like some individuals, I would like to experience tears of joy, sadness at any time and get to explore my emotions at any given moment. However, I have come to understand that people are different and, as a result, experience life differently.

Often, showing emotions in public makes us feel vulnerable and weak and often identified as weird. As a result, I practiced and developed resilience over the years to protect myself. However, being resilient doesn’t mean we should pretend, avoid expressing ourselves and not seek help. I encourage you to seek help whenever you need it.

In the end, we should aim to protect ourselves😀 and be open-minded.



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