A Mother’s Love

Once upon a time, I came into this world. I knew neither why nor how.
As I grew older, my mother taught me all that I needed to know.

The more I learn from her, the more I want to know.
Her wisdom and knowledge have enabled me to grow.

She has helped me become myself.
She has allowed me to discover myself.

Because of my mother’s resilience, I have more power.
Because of my mother’s strength, I have known favour.

My mother’s love has made me experienced grace.
My mother’s love has made me yearn for peace.

Life gets better as we both grow up.
Although we aren’t always in agreement, she has always stood up.

She shows me what it means to fight for what you want.
Today, I know what I truly want.

Thank you, mother(s), for all you do and keep doing.
May God bless you as you keep thriving.



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