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I have been thinking recently about how faithful I am as an individual.

I asked myself the following questions:

– Am I faithful to God?

– Am I faithful to myself?

– Am I faithful to others (family, friends, etc.)?

– Am I faithful to my employer?

– Am…

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It’s a new season, hence a new reason.

Time has passed, things have evolved.

My character has been stretched; my dreams have been crushed.

My tribe didn’t always support me, and my family wasn’t always there for me.

Yet, I stuck through it, and I pushed through it.

I am still standing; I am still hoping.

I am still running my race; I still need grace.

My life will be boring if I quit; I want to be fit.

Mercy is what I need; strength is all I need.

I believe in myself; I aspire to see the new version of myself.

I no longer want to prove; I want to improve.

I want to be a go-getter; help me become better.

Join forces with me; walk with me.

Let’s receive guidance and gain more assurance.

Let’s grow and blow.

Let’s shine and be fine.

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Let me begin by wishing a happy Father’s Day to all the men. A father isn’t only the biological one, but very often all-male figureheads in our lives.

It’s good to be called a father, but the level of implication and involvement in people’s lives determines one’s ability to be…

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Yesterday, I published a new video on YouTube. It focuses on what (aspiring) immigrants need to do/know. Now that it’s online, how do I feel about watching myself? How are people reacting? I keep questioning myself and wondering if it is good enough. Is it acceptable content? Is it digestible…

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Do you (still) believe in your dreams?

Or have you given up on them?

When I hear the word “dream,” I am always inclined to think about my childhood dreams and all I ever wanted to be when I grow up.

What are those dreams we all had? …

As we wrap up Women’s History month, I can’t help but express my gratitude to you all. I applaud women for all they do.

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Grandmothers, I thank you for your words of wisdom. Thank you for the life experiences you have shared with me. I pray I live as long as you ladies. Thank you for raising my parents and enabling me to be born.

My lovely Mother, I thank you for giving birth…

Tatiana Nouya

Blogger, Translator, Interpreter, MC & lover of life. You can also join me here:

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